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Lovely is a track that immediately will hit listeners with the softly-sang and alluring vocals of Los Angeles’ Eye’z. The track has its roots in eighties and nineties R&B, but Eye’z puts her indelible mark on the track. A punctual drum line keeps the momentum of the track high, while the track’s sub-three minute runtime is an emphatic punctuation to this cut. Levitating has a hint of the tropical present, with an extended instrumental introduction that will ensure listeners will be eagerly anticipating Eye’z’ vocals. The track slides in nicely to a late nineties / early oughts sound, while the production, instrumental arrangements, and Eye’z vocals creating something that is absolutely ready for rotation.DSC_0603_pp (1)

Damaged is Eye’z current single, and shows a very complex and compelling side to her style – the fifties/early sixties sound of the piano establishes an old-school feel to the composition that is given additional legs through the doo-wop / Detroit approach taken by Eye’z here. The intricate arrangements mesh perfectly with Eye’z inimitable vocals to create a track that will resound loudly in the minds and hearts of listeners, no matter how long ago they last heard the song. Eye’z is able to make the track work in 2014, and showcases listeners that she has a number of paintbrushes with which to create her masterpieces.

Make it a point to visit Eye’z website for more information about the artist and a variety of music samples. Here’s to hoping that Eye’z has a long and storied career in the music industry; if the track s that we have heard are any indication of the path that she will take in the years to come, one need only wait to hear her music on the radio.

Rating: 9.0/10

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