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With jangly chords, some fuzzy guitar and nearly a dozen delightfully jagged songs, the Cleveland trio Filmstrip offer a stellar full length more in tune with the 1990s college rock scene than the current state of rock music.cover170x170

If The Meat Puppets had avoided their LSD and mushrooms stage and jumped straight to their more cohesive cow punk/rock sound, they would have sounded a lot like Filmstrip, which manages to be accessible despite some rough edges. Moments of Matter, their sophomore effort, finds the band creating a fantastic sound that is begging for a wider audience.

The production here is cleaner than their earlier efforts, but it is subtle enough to enhance the sound rather than adding too much polish. From the album opener, the infectious “Don’t You Know”, to the mellower “Two Bullets,” the band deftly shows their range. There’s not a weak track on the record.

Filmstrip – Moments of Matter/11 tracks/Exit Stencil/2014


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