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You can throw a can of mustache wax on just about any street in Brooklyn and hit an indie folk band. But finding a great indie folks band in the borough is a much tougher task.a2644833050_10

The seven-piece (yes! Seven-piece) Streets of Laredo play a deceptively subtle mix of indie rock and folk. Subtle, as they manage to weave in a slew of different instruments without overwhelming the sound and devolving into a bloated jam band fest. The band’s ability to mix multiple vocalists plays out beautifully, highlighting the lyrics, which though easily relatable, manage to rise about the simple boy digging girl lyrics thanks to cleaver turns of phrase (the song “Girlfriend” is a great example).

With plenty of jangly guitars and choruses begging for a sing-along, their influences are pretty easy to spot here, everything from Dylan and Band of Horses to The New Pornographers and Cat Stevens – a solid mix of the old and the new. It’s quite a feat to stand out in a ridiculously crowded music genre, but Streets of Laredo manage to pull it off with incredibly catchy tunes.

Street of Laredo – Vols. 1 & 2/10 tracks/Dine Alone Records/2014


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