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“Life keeps beating on your bones,” declares Afika Nx in his delightfully catchy, yet powerfully poignant new single, “Rat Tat Tat.” And, whether or not he sings from experience, Afika Nx is beating on the door of the music industry with his satisfying blend of Hip-Hop, Rock and Reggae.

“Rat Tat Tat” showcases Afika’s rhythmic vocals, as well as his impressive ability to layer sounds, defy genres and pen thought-provoking lyrics.
Listen to the song here.
The official video for the buzz single is out now as well. Watch here.
Whether touring the world as a bass player for an international hip-hop seven piece, playing the guitar at his college’s TED-sponsored Student Speaker Series or seamlessly sneaking in social commentary between cheeky hip-hop punchlines, Afika Nx has developed an almost indescribable style to please the masses. “Afika balances on the razor’s edge of alternative hip-hop and reggae,” affirms the legendary Billy Mann. “I don’t know what to call it, but I like it loud.”
The South African-American artist lists everyone from Bob Marley and Lauryn Hill to Coldplay and Elton John as influences for his forthcoming, yet-to-be named EP.  “It would be a lot easier to describe my sound if I listened to only one thing growing up,” says Afika. “But I didn’t.
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