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The boots that I have purchased in the past seemed to be tools rather than comfortable shoes. If a concert was outside and muddy, you would wear boots. Feet would be blistered and sore by the end of the day, but we were lucky enough to find out a bout Bogs and their Classic Short Boot.

The boot is made of a dense rubber that will keep out moisture, dirt, and mud. There is 7 mm Neo-Tech insulation that allows feet to breathe while providing a tight enough seal to keep the boot’s placement correct. The aforementioned rugged design of the Classic Short Boot makes clean-up easy; one needs just to blast them with a hose and let them dry. The lip of the boot allows for individuals just to pull on the boot, while one’s feet will remain warm even through the winter months. The lug design on the outsole ensures that one will have traction no matter where they are walking. This outsole was particularly helpful in muddy areas; as it is not a flat surface, the mud was unable to grab the boot.

We would have given the Classic Short Boot a 10, but one needs to exercise additional caution if driving. On a particularly rainy day, the boots provided a little slipperiness to shifting between gas and brake.

The Classic Short Boot can be purchased from the Bogs online store (the boot’s profile is linked above). Make sure to view their stores for boots for every occasion, and keep an eye out for additions to their line.

Rating: 9.6/10

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