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Lupe Fuentes has a released her Tech House gem “Twisting My Mind” on Undercool Productions.

Listen to Lupe Fuentes “Twisting My Mind”:


Twisting My Mind

We’re always on the lookout for artists who distinguish themselves from the common stream of dance music and are essentially pushing the limits of their own creativity….Lupe Fuentes encapsulates just that as she has earned the respect of dance music legends like Roger Sanchez and Todd Terry with her incredible work. It’s no secret she’s extremely talented and manages to produce some of the best tracks to date. Her latest single, “Twisting My Mind“, is no exception to that as Fuentes explores the darker, brooding side of tech house, bending your mind with hypnotic melodies and mesmerizing samples. It’s catchy as well and will be something you won’t be able to turn off.Petey McGuireYour EDM

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