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Obesity and problems with weight are the product of modern lifestyle. People believe that they cannot find time to exercise and on top of that they eat unhealthy fast food. This is why so many people are looking for a way to lose those extra pounds. It is good to point out that this process is not very easy but if you take the right steps you can expect to be successful in a relatively short period of time. First of all, you need to create a good loss weight plan and stick to it. Of course, the two main things on it should be engaging in some physical activity and trying to eat properly.

Muay Thai or Thai boxing, a combat sport that originates from Thailand is gaining popularity in the last two decades because it has proven to be an entertaining and highly effective weight loss method. Many experts claim that if Muay Thai is practiced in the right way it can be labeled as the best workout for burning calories and fat. The number of calories a person can burn in a Muay Thai training class can be different because they are determined by few factors. However, people can burn around 750 to 1000 calories an hour. This means that you can lose more than 6-7 pounds each month. The results can vary because both men and women can train Muay Thai and their bodies are very different. It also depends on the intensity of the training sessions.

Muay Thai training is offered in many gyms but the only authentic Muay Thai training you can get is found in Muay Thai camps in Thailand such as SuwitMuaythai . A professional Muay Thai camp should have experienced trainers, good equipment and preferably good accommodation.

It is good to mention that Muay Thai training is not beneficial only for weight loss plans. People can improve their fitness level in numerous ways. They can increase muscle mass, flexibility, heart health, self –discipline, self-esteem and find peace. Muay Thai is more than a combat sport and martial art and this is why this is the first option when it comes to finding a method that will improve their general health.

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