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Walking to Dreamland is a track that ties together the pop and rock styles from the sixties to the current day. The dynamic that Arn crafts between the guitar, piano, and vocals during this introductory track will cause listeners to take notice; they will be hooked. Better Off Today slows things up, allowing for a more complex and introspective style to issue forth.


It is during this track that listeners can appreciate the production, which establishes a very close-knit sound while allowing the constituent elements the ability to shine unfettered. Even in a Town of Seven Churches (Odds Are Even) is a dry, wind-swept track that takes fans on a journey; hints of twee-pop, traditional folk and psychedelic can be discerned during the four-plus minute run time of this effort.

Rosalina’s Music (Nexus Chokehold) expands upon the sound of Better Off Today, keeping the tempo slower so that each lyric and note will echo in listener’s heads long after the CD ceases to spin. The ability of Arn to tie together disparate tracks into a cohesive and coherent album is the key reason why Walking to Dreamland succeeds. Water Lillies is the final track on Walking to Dreamland, and it provides closure to this deep and expansive composition. While the track ends things perfectly, one wonders if some of the twists and turns that Arn includes will not be expanded in subsequent recordings.

Make sure to purchase a copy of Walking to Dreamland from iTunes or Amazon; visit Arn’s website at for the latest in updates, tour stops, and additional music from this gifted composer.

Top Tracks:  Even in a Town of Seven Churches (Odds Are Even), Rosalina’s Music (Nexus Chokehold)

Rating: 8.8/10

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