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I first heard Zola Jesus in 2012 when the iconic David Lynch remixed her song, “In Your Nature.” I was immediately drawn to Zola Jesus’ melodic, sad, and soulful vocal presence. When I was given the chance to review her show, I naturally jumped at the opportunity. It was a cold, rainy day so the show was moved from the Mohawk to Red7’s indoor stage. Angel Deradoorian was the tour opener which was a pleasant surprise. They are a two piece whose sounds falls somewhere between Warpaint and Portishead but with a forestry sound, if that makes sense.


Zola Jesus took the stage at Red7 with a full live band. She is a witchy woman that stands about five feet tall but knows how to take control of an audience. She brought a band with her of tight playing Los Angeles musicians who brought her work to life. Zola paced around the stage while belting out pop laden gothic anthems. I am not too familiar with her individual song titles but that only helped enhance the experience, as it blended in to one dreamlike performance. I lost track of time and space as I starred towards the stage. Before I could even blink, it was all over. I can’t tell you whether it was a long or short performance but what I can certainly say is that Zola Jesus has a magnetic live energy that is rare in the age of YouTube and Tumblr fame. I would go see her again and would definitely recommend that you do so as well.

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