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ODUMODUBLVCK cuts new single “MC OLUOMO”

Today, the rising Nigerian artist and rapper ODUMODUBLVCK (pronounced “O-doo-moh-doo-black”) – who’s ode to Arsenal midfielder Declan Rice went viral earlier this summer and just last week took home ‘Best Rap Single’ honors at The 2023 Headies – returns with his latest single “MC OLUOMO” produced by Cross YDC. The fifth track taken from his highly anticipated EZIOKWUmixtape slated for release October 6th via NATIVE Records/Def Jam Recordings, this latest release showcases the breadth and depth of this exciting artist’s sonic…

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American High’s Cheye Calvo Tells a Story

We believe that every human is born with identical rights which are not granted to us by other humans.  We are born with them.  Like the right to defend ourselves if violently attacked.  The right to speak our mind and criticize anyone and anything, the right to assemble with like minded people and protest something.  The right to have our private stuff remain private from the cops unless they think…

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Housecore Horror Festival

Housecore Horror Festival is a joyous occasion. Last year I had a blast in Austin and this year in San Antonio was no different. I drove up on a sunny Friday afternoon and entered the Holiday Inn around 2:00PM. The vendors were starting to set up and I had a quick chat with Bill Mosley of such legendary horror masterpieces as Texas Chainsaw Massacre and The Devil’s Rejects. What a…

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Garbage – 10/14/15 – Stubb’s, Austin, TX

The 90s are back in full effect. Everywhere you turn, there is grunge fashion and retro stylings. Nirvana has been discovered by a whole new crowd; one that wasn’t even alive when the band was thriving. After checking out the Garbage show October 14th, 2015 at Stubbs in Austin, one can easily see that an entirely new crowd has fallen in love with the band. Fans of all ages seemed to…

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The Sonics – 6/14/15 – Red7, Austin, TX

I have been waiting for years to see Tacoma’s finest, The Sonics. They burst onto the Washington scene in the early 1960s and to me, they are the band that invented punk rock. The guitars blast at a high decibel and the drums slam like the set could collapse at any moment. The music is hectic rock n roll played with what would later be describer as a “punk rock…

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Zola Jesus – 2/3/2015 – Red7, Austin, TX

I first heard Zola Jesus in 2012 when the iconic David Lynch remixed her song, “In Your Nature.” I was immediately drawn to Zola Jesus’ melodic, sad, and soulful vocal presence. When I was given the chance to review her show, I naturally jumped at the opportunity. It was a cold, rainy day so the show was moved from the Mohawk to Red7’s indoor stage. Angel Deradoorian was the tour…

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FunFunFunFest 2014 Review

I arrived at FunFunFun Fest and walked into a crowded tent to witness John Waters go on a comedic diatribe about how people should put their old pornographic magazines on the shelves of Walmart. Then and there, I knew it was going to be a good evening. After Waters’ performance I walked over to the Waterloo Records booth where he was signing autographs and posing for pictures. I told Mr.…

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Housecore Horror Film Festival

Friday morning started with a bang as I stumbled into the front patio of the Housecore Horror Film Festival where I was suddenly face to face with the men that haunted my childhood imagination, Gunnar Hansen and Bill Johnson; The Leatherfaces from Texas Chainsaw Massacre 1 and 2, respectively. I kind of just creepily starred at them to make sure I wasn’t dreaming before going to browse merchandise booths for…

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Midnight Show Review

Dirty Dog Bar in Austin, TX Midnight are Cleveland’s hooded kings of lucifer infused metal. They made a stop in Austin on August 31st to play 6th Street’s crowded Dirty Dog Bar on a hot, muggy night. The set was opened up with “Satanic Royalty”, the title track off of 2011’s album of the same name. The crowd exploded into a circular mosh pit as the first chord was struck.

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I Bet Your Bookshelf Looks Similar To Mine, a synopsis of Lebanon Hanover

“I Believe You Can Survive” has become a bit of an obsession lately. Lebanon Hanover is a minimal wave project comprised of power couple Larissa Iceglass from Germany and William Maybelline of England. This song is lyrically endearing while never giving up on the somber aesthetic that makes them what they are, the king and queen of post-punk revival. It’s hard to make music that idealizes the past while looking…