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There is a deliberate beginning to eM’s When You Were Here that will immediately draw listeners in. There is a narrative quality to this composition that is spun into an entirely new realm when eM’s vocals begin. The track is able to work in a wide variety of genres, meaning that fans of EDM, traditional dance music, and pop can find something that they can appreciate with this single.



The tempo of When You Were Here builds into an all-encompassing blend of vocal and instrumental. eM’s vocals during this single will weave themselves deep into the minds and hearts of listeners; the minor shifts and changes that are presented during this track are enough to have listeners on the edges of their seats from the beginning to the end of this cut. Craig London’s work on this track makes for a further increase to the complexity of the instrumental / vocal dynamic; listeners will be able to play this track numerous times and hear a variety of things that were previously hidden on earlier plays.

When You Were Here is catchy and can speak to those listeners that simply want a track that they can enjoy as well as to those that want something deep and meaningful from their music. Flawless, alluring, and without a flaw, When You Were Here is one of the strongest efforts that we have heard so far this year.

Make sure to visit eM’s website for biographical information about this single, a full discography, the Craig London chillout mix, and the number of different social media profiles that she maintains. Let us know what you think of When You Were Here.

Rating: 9.0/10

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