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Principles Sound’s Lost in the Jungle is an album that links together a batch of world-renowned musicians; Dario Chiazzolino on the guitar, Bob Mintzer on saxophone, Russell Ferrante on piano, Jimmy Haslip on the bass, and Gianni Branca on the drums.


The work of Dario during many of the compositions on Lost in the Jungle provide a greater intricacy to the composition; the dynamic brought to the table by this skilled guitar player makes this release into something wholly unique. Dario’s work on Jump in a Dream highlights the sizzling sax work that plays at the top of the track while having a fun bit of tet-a-tet with the piano. The titular track on Lost in the Jungle showcases a wide array of different styles and approaches.

No Stop really demarcates the division between the first and the second half of Lost in the Jungle, and it is this glue that holds the two distinct sides of the album together. Pearl of Mozambique is a track that takes a world music sound; the soulful guitar lines of Dario unite with Jimmy’s bass and Russell’s piano to establish something that tells more of a story in a minute than many popular acts can in the course of three or four.

Lost in the Jungle is available from iTunes; Principles Sound is an act that creates arrangements that would work perfectly if it was just Dario’s guitar or Bob’s sax, but when each constituent element is place together, represent something that is much greater than each constituent part. For brief samples of the tracks on Lost in the Jungle, check out the Principles Sound SoundCloud.

Top Tracks: Jump in a Dream, Pearl of Mozambique

Rating: 8.4/10

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