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Upslope Brewing’s year-round Pale Ale provides imbibers with a wide array of flavors in a beer that is not too hoppy, malty, or otherwise flavor-heavy. Upslope’s Pale Ale is a perfect beer to drink as the spring warms up.


There are hints of hops that can be noticed in the nose, while the beer’s initial sip yields citrus fruit, apricots, and a slight amount of floral elements before drawing to a close. The overall complexity of this beer is substantial, with a hefeweizen-esque layering of twists and turns presented for one to enjoy. As the Pale Ale continues to warm, malt and cereal elements rise to the top as some of the more outright sweet elements fade into the background. At the beer’s core, there is refreshment – after one has completed their chores, went out to a bonfire, or is in some sort of social interaction, Upslope’s Pale Ale shines. The beer is easily paired with fish, chicken, burgers, nuts, and pizza, and will highlight bold flavors from cheeses or strongly-spiced cuisine in a delightful fashion.

Make sure to visit the Upslope Brewing website at for additional information about the company’s Pale Ale and their other year-round and seasonal offerings. Checking out the brewery’s Facebook or Twitter profiles will keep one up to date regarding the latest efforts, events, and  buzz about this Boulder institution.

Rating: 8.3/10

Upslope Pale Ale / 5.80% ABV / 36 IBU / / / / /


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