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Can you provide a little information about the different band members and what their role is in the band?

Erik Lindelid, 22. The youngest in the band, is our bassplayer and vocalist. Slapping the bass and screaming his lungs out.

Sindre Høgtun, 23. Our drummer dude, we like to call him the king of cymbals (he has alot of them).

Mats Bruland, 24. Plays lead guitar to the point of melting faces.

Rupert Rødland, 23. Shares the lead guitar role with Mats, making one kickass lead-duo.

Stephan Høgtun, 23. Rhytm guitar player, keeping the tunes steady and heavy!

Can you describe your creative process to us? How does a song go from an initial germ of an idea to a full composition?

It usually starts with one of the guys bringing in a riff or two, and we start to process that and add to it.
We like to create the rhythm of the song before adding the melody, but there are no standard recipe when we are making new tunes.Animosity Kills album cover

How are your current batch of songs different from your earliest compositions?

Our earliest compositions are the ones on the Manipulative EP. Compared to those, the new batch of songs are somewhat heavier and we can feel that the experience we got from making our first ep have helped us develop our style and that is coming out in these new ones.

What is your recording set up like?

We recorded our first EP in Conclave and earshot studios in Bergen. The studio is run by members of Enslaved.
We used Evh and peavey amps when recording the guitars, the bass was recorded digitally through an amp module.
Drums were recorded manually,  with the kit fully miced up.

Which acts most influence Animosity Kills’ music?

We find inspiration in a lot of different bands individually so its though to pin point just a few. But to name some that we all are influenced by; Metallica, Iron Maiden, Pantera and Testament.

What is the plan for the rest of 2015?

We plan on recording our new material later this year,  and also get some gigs anywhere we can get them!

What styles/approaches/influences will you take in the follow-up recordings to Manipulative?

We want to try and take more advantage of being three guitars to broaden our sound.

Listeners make much to do about the quality of online music (128 v 320, FLAC v streaming). What thought have you put into the different ways in which listeners can experience the compositions on Manipulative? 

We never gave that much thought, although we want them to enjoy our music at the best quality possible, but at the same time be available for everyone!

What would you like to do as a band before you retire?

A world tour is probably on top of that list!

How will listeners find information about the band and samples of your music?

They can check us out through our Facebook Page. There they will find links to our youtube channel where we have put up some songs and live performances. Our songs are available on spotify and iTunes, and they can also check us out at reverbnation.

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