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Grenco is working with Snoop Dogg for the release of his latest album, Bush. For this collaboration, Grenco has created a sub-$150 package that includes a digital download of “Bush”, a flower pot and seeds, and a custom BUSH G Pro vaporizer that is uniquely designed to Snoop’s specifications. The color scheme (cream and green) makes for a visually distinctive device.


Depending on the overall moisture of the dry herb that one will be using, the G Pro’s temperature can be changed to 320, 380, or 420 degrees Farenheit. The device can hold up to .6 grams of dry material meaning that two people should be able to feel the effects after a session. As with all Grenco products, the BUSH G Pro Vaporizer comes with a 1-year warranty covering the electronic components of the device. As the summer months continue to allow individuals the opportunity to get out to festivals, camp, or find themselves on road trips, small devices end up winning out. The BUSH G Pro is able to succeed in ways beyond those available at gas stations by tying together portability with functionality in a rugged package.

The vaporizer is incredibly easy to charge, load, and use. The included USB charger means that one can have the device charging near/on a computer without getting in the way or being lost, while the included filter screens / cleaning brush package further increase the amount of uptime that the device will have. The Snoop Dogg BUSH G Pro would be the perfect purchase for anyone that is active and cannot bring a full-sized vaporizer along with them. The bundle shown here is fun and possesses considerably more value than merely receiving the device; keep an eye on the Grenco website for further information about their product lines.

Rating: 9.2/10

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