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Subhuman Scum provides listeners with a narrative through which Detroit’s SNAFU will forcibly drag listeners. Slayer, Toxic Holocaust, and Suicidal Tendencies can all be discerned in the band’s Her Dark Past. SNAFU is able to kick things into high gear with intense, Anthrax-influenced riffs and an appreciation for NWOBHM, thrash, and hints of crust review of SNAFU Present Day Plague

Death Trip ratchets the instrumental side of things up considerably, as the dynamic between the guitars and drums kicks ass from beginning to end. The talent of SNAFU is such that the act can shift through a wide array of different sounds and styles without missing a note or slowing things down. As Present Day Plague continues, SNAFU keeps things frenetic; no matter where listeners are listening to A Trade to Abduct or One From None. A high-water mark for Present Day Plague, Eternal Nocturnal features Jason Navarro (The Suicide Machines) and captures an infectious melody with an early Megadeth/Exodus vibe.

Dead Before Dawn has fantastic drum fills and screamed-vocals that create a sense of immediacy that influence the entirety of the track; when the additional vocals add themselves into the mix, there is a fullness here that will take a number of listens before listeners can hear every twist and turn that SNAFU has inserted. Hand That Feeds is built off of sizzling guitars, machine-gun drums, and delectable drop-outs that make the resumption of speed that much more affecting; a fat, chunky bass is added to make this a fun, ass-kicking romp. Present Day Plague is one of those rare albums that can have a considerable number of tracks and remain just as strong in its ending throes as it sounded when the band started.  Check out SNAFU’s Present Day Plague when it is released on August 8th.

Top Tracks: Eternal Nocturnal, Dead Before Dawn

Rating: 9.2/10

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