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2XONE Single Varietal Double India Pale Ale article in

The 2015 2XONE ties together Superior Pale malt with Equinox hops to make for an intensely bitter beer that possesses just enough in the way of sweet to create a solid balance. The beer pours with a yellowish-tan color and a small amount of off-white head that leaves a decent amount of lacing. The malt side of 2XONE inserts hints of nuttiness and yeast into the mix. The alcohol burn is present here, adding another chair to a deep symphony. Each sip of this double IPA will provide imbibers with a slightly different constellation of flavors, meaning that the crisp bite of green peppers, the citrus elements of a lemon, and floral notes play at the periphery while oily hop elements and broad malt notes dominate.

2XONE Single Varietal Double India Pale Ale article in NeuFutur.comWhile Southern Tier prides itself on using a single hop in 2XONE, the burst of flavor that occurs with each sip showcases the versatility of the rhizome. As the beer continues to warm, the constant in change – the beer’s spontaneous demeanor – ensures that one will still be on the edges of their seats. Malt elements become slightly more common as the beer is allowed to open up for a quarter or half-hour, while lime, sugar, and black pepper are able to come into focus. The Protean nature of 2XONE (whether in a single beer or between years) makes for an engrossing experience that any fan of the India Pale Ale style can appreciate. The nods to malt, fruit, and spice elements create hooks by which aficionados of other beer types can fall in love with Southern Tier’s latest seasonal.

Southern Tier’s website is one of the best that we have visited in terms of information about their year-round and seasonal offerings. We have reviewed Southern Tier’s Goat Boy,  Live,  and Pumpking in the past.

Rating: 9.1/10

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