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The rock and metal scene in the Cleveland area is cut-throat with a number of impressive acts touring and creating music. Impending Lies is an act that deserves to be placed in this pantheon, as their latest EP Believe builds upon metal, hard rock, and hardcore to create something that is hard-hitting and unique. The technical skill that the drums and guitars bring to Shine is without comparison, while Matt’s vocals act as the ringleader, corralling the instrumental elements into a cohesive package.


The band is able to imbue the Journey classic Separate Ways with their unique sound. While the band is able to recreate the driving beat and the instrumental/vocal dynamic immaculately, there is a heaviness which Impending Lies that just sounds right when included – this could easily make rotation on 99X or WNCX. Let Go is a cut that has Impending Lies hit on all cylinders. There are times when the band is hurtling through a tech-metal fury placed next to a soulful, multi-layered harmony, and the resulting effort is a testament to the sheer ability of the band and their constituent members.

Just Stop is down and dirty, linking together screamo/NYHC with the metal of a Fear Factory. The vocals add further depth to the composition as they provide a perfect chiaroscuro (light/dark dynamic) with the guttural guitars and chugging drums. The titular track on Believe is a slow burn as Impending Lies gradually speed up into a symphony of sang and growled vocals. The instrumentation that plays at the back of the track deserves multiple listens as fans will be treated to a whole other narrative. Impending Lies have released one of the best titles that we have reviewed this summer. Check out the Believe EP.

Top Tracks: Separate Ways, Shine

Rating: 9.0/10

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