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Let It Out gives listeners some idea of where they will be taken, as Oogee Wawa immediately kicks things into high gear with their blend of reggae, rock, rap, and ska. Oogee Wawa is able to create a stellar brand of music over the course of their latest album More Sand Than Money; Pretty is an immaculately-produced track that allows the vocals, drums, and guitars to contribute to an impeccable effort. The track could work perfectly on pop, indie, alternative, and top 20 stations while having enough in the way of chops to appease fans of raw instrumentation and arrangements.


Feelin’ Alive Today links together reggae and ska with just enough rapid-spat lyrics to make for a track that will hurtle towards the end. Hints of The Transplants, 311, and The Specials can be heard here, but there is enough in the way of a rock instrumentation to provide a fullness to the effort that will stick with listeners long after the track has ceased.

More Sand Than Money concludes with a powerful one-two attack in Late Night and Pack The Van. The tracks are able to shine in boldly different ways, but unique to hammer home the wide variety of styles and influences that the band has built its inimitable foundation upon. For samples of More Sand Than Money, check out Oogee Wawa’s ReverbNation or Youtube, while the latest information about this Long Island act can be located on their Facebook and Twitter. As the days begin to grow colder, the tracks on More Sand Than Money will keep the spirit of the blazing days of summer alive. Give the band a spin whenever you need a pick-me-up.

Top Tracks: More Sand Than Money, Feelin’ Alive Today

Rating: 8.4/10

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