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Sasha Leonov’s Towards Mirages is a seven-track effort that providers listeners with a tremendous amount of information about this Australian performer. The album is able to showcase a wide array of influences and styles, giving anyone that spins the release a dense and detailed narrative. Distinguishing himself from the wide variety of singer-songwriters currently releasing music, Leonov is able to make retail, deep, and intricate instrumental composition speak volumes. While his latest release clocks in at 22 minutes, the interplay of instruments and the themes that are weaved through the whole of the title will resound loudly in listeners’ minds. When one plays Towards Mirages compared to Leonov’s 2009 release Accolades for Days of Sunshine or 2012’s Remnants of Tomorrow, a listener will be able to hear a considerably different story being told. It is this progression and development that makes Towards Mirages and the rest of the Leonov discography a must-listen. The album is punctuated with the inclusion of Spanish guitar, which provides a wholly different feel to compositions on Towards Mirages.sashaleonov5

There is a tendency for artists to rest on their laurels after a few introductory albums, but the desire of Leonov to thrive and take on wholly different approaches with each subsequent release makes for something that is always interesting. Each release provides fans with another puzzle piece to solve the enigma that is this performer.

The album is available from a number of online retailers including CDBaby, iTunes, and Amazon MP3. For the latest in information and samples of his music, visit Leonov’s Facebook  or domain .



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