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Thanks to a slew of cheap-to-free recording software anyone can make an album’s worth of music now, regardless of how mediocre their sound is. The guys that make up Chicago’s (by way of South Dakota) The Kickback, however, took their time building up to a full length. Through years of touring and three EPs, the four-piece indie rock outfit built up a strong collection of tried-and-true rockers and finally committed them to their first proper full length, Sorry All Over the Place.  11717508_10153149182499092_5868602185475862662_o


The 10 songs that make up the debut are lyrically complex but delivered with an easy, but driven college rock vibe that flirts with power pop and classic pop rock at times. The result manages to be both original and familiar.

You should also check out the band’s fantastic podcast Diary of a Disas-tour: where they cover everything from being a touring band to Michael Keaton and The Muppets… but pick up their debut album first.

The Kickback – Sorry All Over the Place/10 tracks/Jullian Records/2015


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