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Sasha Leonov has just finished up recording sessions in London, completing work on his latest single, “Seek Out Your Happiness”. An upbeat and energetic track. Seek Out Your Happiness provides listeners with a Leonov that is more mature and showcases considerably different influences than were present during his two most recent albums, Skies Change and Towards Mirages.


The multiple vocal layers here increase the replay value of the track. A particularly robust arrangement creates a sturdy backdrop upon which these vocals can rest. There are distinct sides to “Seek Out Your Happiness” that keep things interesting; a woodwind changes things up to allow for greater momentum to ferry the track to the end. The track is relatively short (a hair under 3:15), but the space that it possesses is much larger than that. The melodies and harmonies experienced in this effort will resound loudly in the minds and hearts of anyone that happens upon the effort.

Seek Out Your Happiness is available from CDBaby and Amazon. For more information about Leonov and his inimitable music, visit his domain and social networking websites. Keep an ear firmly planted to the ground regarding all things Leonov, as the recording sessions that led to the creation of “Seek Out Your Happiness” may yet yield further tracks.

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