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Sasha Leonov released Skies Change in 2013, and this release is absolutely essential to understand the twists and turns that he has had in the years since. The album begins with Believe Once More, a touching and softly-played track that showcases a cool, calm, and collected Leonov. Hints of Dave Matthews can be discerned here, as there is a unity of instrumental and vocal sides that opens up into something wholly engrossing. Meet Me in the Early Morning starts with little more than a piano, the intricate arrangements calling attention to the composition. A complex set of arrangement does more to create a narrative for listeners to eagerly devour than many artists could hope to do with a lyric/instrumental dynamic.


Cicada Chorus is pensive, thoughtful, and soulful; there is a timeless approach taken by Leonov that builds off of classic narrative styles of music. While this has a current and contemporary sound, Cicada Chorus will speak volumes to a wide array of listeners. The Sun is Shining Through is the concluding effort on Skies Change, representing an emphatic ending to a heartfelt album. Hints of sixties pop-rock and psychedelic approaches are present here. With a jangly guitars, a bass chugging away in the background, and a piano line that is inspired by mid-seventies Elton John, The Sun is Shining Through is a particular pinnacle on a peaky Skies Change. The composition is important as it showcases threads that will ultimately find their ways into 2015’s Towards Mirages. For samples of Leonov’s music or more information about the performer, make it a point to visit his domain.

Skies Change is available on iTunes and CDBaby.

Top Tracks: Believe Once More, Meet Me in the Early Morning

Rating: 8.0/10

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