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The Kiss That Took A Trip released Electroforest in 2014, creating a unique sound that touched upon atmospheric, electronic, and ambient styles. During the recording of these songs, there were a few tracks did were crafted that did not make it onto the full-length album. Fast-forward a few months and these tracks have been collected into a comprehensive EP.  Bad heavens is a fuzzy bit of electro-pop that includes a bit of guitar roar. a2634170240_10The disparate elements heard in this track are tamed and made into a cohesive effort, no matter how much they may lick up and threaten to engulf the whole track.

Cotton barricade calls back to the electronic, emotive pop of the early 2000s, with hints of The Red Hot Valentines and The Anniversary bubbling up at points. The rich narrative that is created during this effort belies the five-minute runtime; there is just so much that The Kiss That Took A Trip inserts here that fans will have to spin the composition multiple times before getting it all.

Us in the torch-wielding mob is a near-9 minute track, giving TKTTAT more than enough time to flesh out the story and make for something that will have listeners firmly on the edges of their seats by the end of it. I envision this composition as being the introductory scenes for an 1980s futuristic noir flick, a trend that continues with Beautiful bruises and The last artisan; the jangly traditional rock of this concluding effort will haunt listeners long after the disc has ceased to play.

We reviewed Electroforest a few months back. Check out The Kiss That Took A Trip’s domain for more information about the act and their discography.

Top Tracks: Bad heavens, Us in the torch-wielding mob

Rating: 8.6/10


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