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Los Angeles’ Valley Shine has just released their LOCA EP; the release begins with Sugar Dream. Sugar Dream is a poppy rock track that glitters with hints of alt-country, folk, and a sunny disposition.valley_shine_loca_cover_art FINAL While this track works in the current period, there is a timeless sound to this track that ensures listeners will find something that they can appreciate.

Don’t Let It Slip Away may just be our favorite effort on the LOCA EP, owing to an introspective, dense, and deep instrumental opening that will require numerous listens before one will hear everything that has been included. When Jenna and Sam’s vocals enter into the equation, the track reaches another plateau. This is a track that deserves heavy radio play; the insistence of the vocals, the down-home sound of the rest of the band, and an epic feeling to the composition makes this into a high-water mark for the LOCA EP.

See You Soon continues contributing to the goodwill of Don’t Let It Slip Away. A smart back and forth between the vocals and Troy’s drums make this into a tender but hard-hitting composition. Continually shifting (one will hear Stewart’s bass kick through at points, while Jenna’s vocals ebb and flow), See You Soon is another hit.

The LOCA EP concludes with To The Sea, a composition which slows things down. This more deliberate and organic track builds off of the American hymnal style to make a brilliant track that will twinkle in the darkness. Care is taken here to create a sound scape that contributes just as much to the narrative as does the lyrics. The LOCA EP works on all levels, whetting listeners’ appetites.

Top Tracks: If I Was A Bird, Don’t Let It Slip Away

Rating: 9.0/10

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