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Today, we are speaking with Noisemate. Can you give us a little background information about yourself 

We are a 5-piece alternative rock band that formed in London in January 2015. We’ve all been in previous bands before but were looking for a more serious project with a real drive and passion for music.11367_670889769684030_1550095539097048070_n

Since we started we’ve been pushing really hard and have achieved a lot in the short time we’ve had. We released our debut EP “One More Round” back in July and have been playing shows to support it since! We self-produced the music video for our first single “Never Forget Youth” and got our first radio play with “Heartbeat”.


Which artists are the greatest influences for you and your music? Is there a dream lineup of performers that you would like to set in if given the chance?

We all have very different influences regarding music! We all have common ground under the “rock” umbrella, which helps us to tie our styles together!

Guitar melodies and rhythms take a lot from classic bands like Guns N Roses mixed with a more modern pop-punk sound drawing from Paramore or Blink-182. We’re able to find a nice blend between all of our different styles to create something unique that we’re extremely proud of!


How has your style evolved and changed over the time since you first started playing?

I’d say that we’re still a very young band and we’re still trying to figure out our sound. The songs that we’re writing tend to vary in style which keeps things interesting for both us and the audience!


What story does your current album One More Round tell? What successes and failures did you experience during the recording of the release?

One More Round covers love, freedom and youth. Akos and Zoltan moved to London specifically to explore music opportunities here, and a couple of songs (Jump Out Of The World and Keep Going On) explore that. The theme of not giving up ties all the songs together and is something that we can all relate to! 

Which sort of social media website have you had the best successes with? What about these traditionally online services are different from the traditional face to face meeting that musicians utilize?

Facebook is the obvious answer! It makes it so easy to connect with fans and keep them up to date because of how active people are on there, which is very important when considering our international fans. Facebook allows us to stay connected and keep people in the loop despite living in different countries, which is invaluable for a small band like us!

The biggest bonus that online services have over face to face meetings is that fans can directly access the music easily. By connecting sites like Facebook and Soundcloud together, you can create an effective hub for fans to go to. Although this is no replacement for meeting people face to face at a gig! We’d all much prefer that!


While 2015 is coming to a close, what are your plans for November and beyond? How can interested NeuFutur readers locate samples of your music?

We’re taking a bit of down time to write some new music and have a short break over the Christmas period before we hit the ground running in early 2016. We’ve just signed to Musicarchy Media and will be re-releasing our EP “One More Round” with a few extra tracks via them in February.

Our return gig will be on the 22nd January at the Camden Barfly, one of our favourite venues to play, which we’re very excited about!

You can find our music through all the usual avenues (Soundcloud, Spotify, Itunes etc.) and following us on Facebook is the best way to keep up to date with all things Noisemate.

Thank you so much for your time. Finally, do you have any additional thoughts about life and the universe for our readers?

Nothing particularly deep! Enjoy life and follow what you want to do as best as you can!


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