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To LA, Ben Mauro’s latest begins with a compelling singer-songwriter style that links together more soulful and funkier efforts; the raw charisma and passion of Ben Mauro during his latest, To LA is infection. The EP opens up with Take Your Time, a track that is smooth and sugar with a knotty, dense instrumentation that will open up for listeners after multiple spins.tola_benmauro_FINAL

Burn It To The Ground is a pensive and instrumentally heavy track that builds upon the framework of acts like Sublime and Incubus. The bit of laid-back reggae and ska that is infused into this track does tons to properly highlight Mauro’s vocals. Challenging time signatures tattoo this track deep into the mind and psyche of listeners, giving them enough of a push to move into This Crazy Love. This Crazy Love has a bluesy track that is married to vocals laid down by Mauro that tell a story as well as contribute further to the overall harmony of the cut. Tangled Up has each constituent instrument on the top of their game; a thick and chunky bass line push a sizzling guitar line to an entirely new plateau. The music clears out to allow Mauro ample opportunity to impress with his vocals, which take on a bit of the Bee Gees and Elvis Costello. Happily Ever is the concluding track on To LA, and the slower tempo of the track act as a perfect conclusion to this release; this final song could easily make it onto radio rotation.

Each of the tracks on the To LA EP provide listeners with additional information about this performer; by the time that the final notes of Happily Ever play, fans will feel close to this performer.

Top Tracks: Burn It To The Ground, This Crazy Love

Rating: 8.7/10

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