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Charlotte, North Carolina’s Sugar Creek Brewing Company has crafted a unique and alluring Pale Ale that has a richness and fullness to the effort that separates it from other pale ales currently on the market. There is a good amount of off-wheat head that sits on top of the beer. The decent amount of malt that is included in this effort makes the beer stand up well; the sharpness of the flavors encountered in this Pale Ale are just as sharp at the concluding pulls of the beer as they once were when the bottle was first cracked.paleale12oz.2


There is a decent amount of piney and floral hops that make their presence known at an initial sip, while the taste concludes with hints of wheat and grain. Sugar Creek’s Pale Ale has a diverse collection of twists and turns that ensure that one will continually be finding new interactions and flavors.

Sugar Creek’s Pale Ale has a medium mouthfeel, a good way to ferry the wide array of tastes here. A good amount of carbonation in this Pale Ale gives this beer a light and airy disposition; this is one of those brews that an individual could polish off three or four bottles easily over the course of the night. The sweet/bitter dichotomy that is established here creates a wonderful balance for the beer; this is not a hop bomb nor does it meander into a sugar bomb territory. Sugar Creek’s Pale Ale is the perfect effort to sit back and talk politics or watch sports. It pairs wonderfully with fish, fowl, and with creamy cheeses.


For more information about the year-round and seasonal offerings of Sugar Creek, visit their domain. The brewery’s Facebook is a great repository for new product information, visiting food trucks, and other events at their tap room.

Rating: 8.6/10

Pale Ale / Sugar Creek Brewing Company / 5.2% ABV / /

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