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The porter style is one that can go so badly so quick and it seems like a great many breweries choose not to even offer a porter as the style proves difficult to do in a proper fashion. Green Man Brewery in Asheville, North Carolina has a porter on their year round offerings, representing one of the better porters that we have reviewed. The beer pours with a brown coloration and a small amount of tannish head that dissipates quickly. A cursory sniff yields hints of sugar, vanilla, and a fair amount of malt. The effervescence is slight but is enough to keep the Green Man Porter refreshing. The 6.0% ABV of this Porter is enough to stave off the sweeter elements that dominate in a great many porters; this balance is enough to push the beer into the heights of the style.Green Man Porter

The tastes which one will encounter include vanilla, sugar, toasted malt, chicory and a bit of hazelnut. Smaller flavors that come to the top at points include cinnamon, allspice and even a slight bit of bourbon. In the midst of winter the Green Man Porter has enough warmth to stave off even the sharpest chill. The broad array of flavors that are experienced when one cracks a bottle make it quite easy to drink subsequent bottles of the stuff; the Green Man Porter keeps things light and airy despite having considerable depth and an entire choir of notes that issue forth with each and every single sip.

For additional information about the year round and seasonal offerings of Green Man brewery visit their website; we checked out their Thriller late in 2015. Social media profiles on Facebook and on Twitter will fill in the gaps about new product offerings and events that the brewery is hosting. Keep an eye out for our examination of Green Man’s ESB.

Rating 8.6 / 10

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