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The winter in the Great Lakes Region is fairly intense. While we have missed some of the larger snowfall that hit the East Coast and the center of Ohio in the last few weeks we still have gotten a fair amount of snow, ice, and winter weather. It is a absolute requirement that if you own or rent a house that has any sort of parking on the street or in a driveway that you will need to go and have a snow shovel. Even the most liberal pouring of salt on a walk way or other area will not suffice to get the snow out of the way.True Temper

We had initially thought to go and start reviewing winter implements last year but we were hit by the reality of the situation – a number of companies create subpar shovels.. This means that we received a snow shovel in August of 2014 that immediately crumpled due to a thin gauge of metal that the company used for the handle. We were able to begin the winter sub-section of outdoor reviews this year because we had such a solid and easy to use device in the True Temper Aluminum Combo Snow Shovel.

The design of this shovel is ergonomic insuring that one will not have a sore back after shoveling their walkways. This shovel will stand up to hacking away at ice and hitting uneven pieces of concrete for those with slightly older houses owing much to the usage of a thick grade of metal. The design of the shovel itself allows for a good amount of snow to be removed while having enough variation in the blade’s design to make it easy for one to break free the shovel from debris. The shovel was easy to clean so when everything starts to warm up and we get into the spring months a simple spray with a hose or wipeite down should be enough to allow it 5 to 10 years in your garage. Priced at around $33 the True Temper Aluminum Combo Snow Shovel should be a purchase for anybody that wants to make the whole snow shoveling process easier. For more information about the entire array of products that True Temper produces take a trip over to their website. The only detriment that one can possibly see with the snow shovel is that it may be on the heavier side for those that are familiar with the typical supermarket or discount store offerings.

Rating 9.5 / 10

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