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Maintaining perfect hair is not as easy as celebrities make it look. They have access to personal stylists, so they can afford to step outside with salon styled hair. For the rest of us, great hair takes time, effort, and good genes. So aside from these essential qualities, what useful hair styling equipment and beauty salon products do you need to keep on hand?

Hair Dryer

A hair dryer is probably the most useful of all beauty salon products you will own. Some people advocate leaving the hair to dry naturally after a shower, but whilst this is a good idea some of the time, it will not work if you need to leave the house looking salon perfect. Look for a good quality hair dryer with a range of hot and cold settings, plus a diffuser attachment for curls.

Curling Irons

Curling irons are ideal for women with longer hair. You can use curling irons to add volume to flat hair, as well as giving straight hair some gentle curls. It takes very little time to add a few curls to your hair, but if you have a bit more time and money, invest in some heated rollers.

Hair Irons

Sleek, straight hair is always a popular look, but although it is possible to achieve such a look with a hair dryer and a flat brush, it is a lot quicker to use a pair of straightening irons. However, you do need to be careful if you use them regularly, as they can dry out and damage hair. Always protect your hair with heat protection spray prior to using hair irons, as this will prevent split ends.


Nothing looks worse than straggly eyebrows. Waxing or threading will help to tame unruly eyebrows, but you may need to use a pair of tweezers in between visits to the beauty salon. Tweezers are handy for plucking the odd stray hair. Keep them tucked away in a drawer for safekeeping.

Eyelash Curlers

Long, lush lashes are not always easy to achieve. Often lashes suffer from years of mascara use, so it is essential that you make the most of what lashes you do have. A simple pair of eyelash curlers can transform limp lashes into sexy curled lashes. Apply mascara and curl your lashes for a red carpet ready look.

Pencil Sharpener

Eyeliner and lip liner are key parts of any woman’s makeup arsenal, but your pencils must be sharp to be able to draw a neat, accurate line. Blunt pencils are a nightmare to work with, so keep yours nice and sharp with a pencil sharpener. You can buy pencil sharpeners in different sizes, so buy at least two, depending on what size makeup pencils you have.

Makeup Brushes

Good quality makeup brushes made from natural hair are worth their weight in gold. Invest in premium brushes and keep them clean to prevent the transfer of harmful bacteria and dirt.

With the right equipment, you will be red carpet ready every day of the year.

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