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Marion Walsh - Richochet

All Mixed Up needs little more than a woman and her guitar to establish a fulfilling effort. When the rest of the band enters into the equation, what results is a country & western and 1960s-pop styled track that has something for everyone to appreciate.

Women Be Wise is one of our favorite efforts on Ricochet. During this composition, Walsh is able to infuse a traditional blues and jazz style of vocals with a current and contemporary air. The piano and walking bass line that fans will encounter are lush and stand up to repeat listens, while the guitar lines add the perfect finesse to the top of the composition.

I Ain’t Afraid of the Pearly Gates is another high-water track on Ricochet. This late-disc cut showcases the raw vocal passion and instrumental ability of Marion. While the song works well among the rest of the twists and turns on the album, taking such a vocal-dominant position during “Pearly Gates” gives the remainder of the disc a strong jolt.

Can’t Get Your Eyes Right is the lead single from Ricochet, and it immediately impresses with sizzling horns and alluring vocals that build upon the style established by Heart and Karen Carpenter. The dense instrumental arrangement soars due to an equal blend of soul, funk, and even a hint of disco. There is a vibrancy to this single that will resound loudly with listeners long after the track ceases to play; the double duty done here by Walsh in furthering the harmonies of the track and building an overarching narrative is unmatched.

Who Will the Next Fool Be? slows things down, bringing fans to the halycon days of 1950s pop. A rich, soulful sound inserts a bit of blues into the mix. Ricochet concludes with Always Love, a soft and sedate track that gradually slows things down. Twinkling instrumentation and angelic singing provide the perfect conclusion to a solid introduction to Marion Walsh.

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