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Soles of Passion - Escape from Jurisdiction B

The electronic-infused rock that begins the latest Soles of Passion album “Escape from Jurisdiction B” hearkens back to the halcyon days of the mid-1980s. The act is able to create something wholly unique through the entirety of this album, bolstered by sizzling guitar work, a chugging bass, and an emotive and alluring set of vocals. The complex arrangements that are fostered through Wheezy Hissy Fit will require listeners multiple listens to hear every twist and turn that the band has placed within.

A Place of My Own slows things up; the careful and contemplative sound to this effort allows Soles of Passion ample opportunity to work on complex time signatures and intricate arrangements. There is still an ear for radio-ready rock here, making this single something that a wide swath of fans can appreciate. Two by Two is another highlight to “Escape from Jurisdiction B” as it has the band create a scintillating track that succeeds due to the sheer density of the composition. Even on those moments where the song feels as if it is primarily vocal-lead, Police-like guitars, J-pop-infused vocals, and bits of Midnight Oil and Huey Lewis and the News can all be discerned. The eclecticism of Soles of Passion is at a fever pitch during Full Moon. Bits of fuzz and a bass/vocal dynamic draw off of post-grunge alternative rock, while the lyrics are an evolved form of “Parallel Lines”-era Debbie Harry. The sheer number of distinct styles and approaches that Soles of Passion utilize on the album ensure that one can continue to play the album on repeat long after they have purchased it.

Soles of Passion’s Escape from Jurisdiction B will be out this summer. For more information about the band, samples of their music, and further news visit their main domain.

Top Tracks: A Place of My Own, Two by Two

Rating: 8.4/10

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