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Ragana (Baltic Porter)

Ragana Baltic Porter by Southern Prohibition Brewing (Hattiesburg, MS) is a limited-time effort pouring with a dark brown and nearly blackish coloration and a fair amount of off-white head that gradually dissipates. The beer comes forth with warming elements granted it by its alcohol content along with bold flavors blending together chocolate, vanilla and roasted, toasty malt.

There is a fair amount of sweetness to this Baltic Porter, something that is moderated to a good degree by the hop presence. The initial bitterness here mingles with bold and filling flavors of coffee and bourbon. Ragana is a perfect sort of experience for those eating richly flavored cuisine or beef and lamb dishes. The shifting array of flavors present in Ragana is enough to keep individuals interested from the start to the finish of each 16 ounce can. Pouring into a glass is essential to allow the flavor profile ample opportunity to expand; Ragana shatters perceptions about what the porter style can contain.

The sharper stamp granted Ragana at the beginning of the effort largely disappears by the second half where sweeter elements begin to dominate. Bits of oak and smoke still filter through at points, ensuring that Ragana’s flavor profile is something that individuals will want to continue experiencing through the entirety of a four-pack. The heavy malts presents in Ragana is what allows the cohesion to stay and give individuals an eminently drinkable beer.

For additional information about the entirety of the product line, their year-round and seasonal offerings and a wide array of other information, visit Southern Prohibition’s domain and social media profiles. We reviewed the brewery’s 2015 IPA and Mississippi Fire Ant Imperial Red Ale previously and will be taking a look at their 2016 IPA, a session effort in the near future.

Rating 8.2/10

Ragana (Baltic Porter) / 7.8% ABV / Southern Prohibition Brewing / /

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