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Skeletor Jones

Just A Ride begins The Secret Dreams Of Skeletor Jones in an emotive and expansive way, allowing Simon Kelly ample space to create something unique. The track links together 1990s alternative rock, twee-pop, and a bit of pop to establish something that will take listeners on a memorable journey. A solid production allows the twinkling piano, on-point drums, and alluring vocals the opportunity to shine alone or as a cogent entity.

The Good Wife is a call back to Graceland-era Paul Simon and Deep Blue Something. The track is a favorite on this EP as it ferries some intense emotion in a deep arrangement. Fans will need to play this single numerous times before hearing every twist and turn that Kelly has included here.

Rubbish Radio showcases another stylistic change for Kelly; the duo of vocals, hopeful brass, and bit of ska/reggae sound here keeps things light and airy. Including a brief nod to Jason Mraz and Anthony Kiedis, Kelly is able to dovetail nicely into You Can Burn All The Flowers (You Can’t Stop The Spring). Virtually tied with Medicine for longest composition on this release, You Can Burn All The Flower shines by means of an eclectic set of styles that link together the 1980s works of Goo Goo Dolls and XTC.

It’s A Thing Called Supply And Demand shatters conceptions of proper time signature to keep things interesting at the penultimate position. Medicine represents the concluding statement on The Secret Dreams Of Skeletor Jones. Here, a forceful guitar interacts with a slinky bass and drum line to rise and swell into a rock style that builds off of the framework of acts like Modest Mouse, The White Stripes and MGMT.

The Secret Dreams Of Skeletor Jones, the latest work by Perth’s Simon Kelly is available on Bandcamp.

Top Tracks: You Can Burn All The Flowers (You Can’t Stop The Spring), It’s A Thing Called Supply And Demand

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