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Young Mister – Self-Titled (Vinyl)

Over eight tracks, Young Mister – under the guidance of Steven Fiore – creates a stirring mix of Americana, contemporary folk and pop making for a remarkable debut.

Not afraid to draw on influence like ELO’s Jeff Lyne, the result is refreshing different from your standard pop record in 2016. The album kicks off with “The Best Part,” a song that could have come off Weezer’s “Pinkerton” if Rivers Cuomo was in a more chipper frame of mind at the time, followed by the equally infectious “Would It Kill You.” The tempo slows down a bit for the rest of the record, but the songs are still equally impressive. The mix of Fiore’s confident vocals and sharp lyrics make for a deeply satisfying record.

Prior to launching Young Mister, Fiore spent years touring the U.S. and worked as a songwriter for others. The experience clearly paid off as this debut sounds just as strong as some of the records that have come recently by veterans like Wilco and Dawes.


Young Mister – Self-Titled / 8 tracks / Refresh Records/2016 / /

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