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Sonia Lucky Stars

Time to Run is a powerful cross-over track that touches upon R&B, dubstep, indie-rock, and industrial genres. The supersonic vocals laid down here by SONIA stand out, ensuring that the track can stand up to high rotation on radio. The titular effort on the Lucky Stars EP tells a tremendous story, further bolstered by bold synths and picture-perfect percussion. Hints of Morcheeba, Massive Attack, AWOLNATION, and Christina Aguilera; the distinct sides of the track struggle for dominance. The resulting effort showcases both elements giving their all. SONIA is able to capture listeners with the slinkiness and allure of her vocals. One can easily imagine the effort on a Bond soundtrack, while having delectable instrumentation in the background. The pageantry espoused in this single will draw listeners in, ensuring that they give the remaining tracks on the EP a good amount of their attention.

Give It All To Me creates a darkly emotive backdrop for SONIA to build upon. Hints of ambient and synth-pop rise to dominance on Give It All To Me, meshing perfectly with bits of modern rock and EDM. The production of the Lucky Stars EP ensures that each part of SONIA’s music is able to shine.  Blue is a brooding masterpiece that showcases stellar vocals as well as instrumental arrangements that give further gravitas to SONIA’s voice. Few artists are able to create a cogent statement with their EPs, but the tracks on SONIA’s latest showcase a performer that is not afraid to adopt other approaches, genres, and sounds to make something that is uniquely her own. Check out her SoundCloud for samples of her music or her Facebook for the latest in information about this up and coming performer.

Top Tracks: Give It All To Me, Lucky Stars

Rating: 8.2/10

SONIA – Lucky Stars EP / 2016 Self-Released / 4 Tracks / /


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