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There are a number of different beef jerky companies creating products currently and the sheer amount of variation that is present among the different product offerings is substantial. We have had some very solid beef jerky but we have had some forgettable types in the past. 

A short while back, we received a sampling of Chef’s Cut Real Jerky; the brand offers a variety of different flavors.  and provides individuals with a solid flavor profile, nice mouth feel, and a fair amount of seasoning that does not overwhelmed the experience. The proteins are numerous, with varieties of steak, turkey, chicken, and bacon all available. Rather than just throwing each protein with the same variety of seasonings, Chef’s Cut pairs the protein with supporting flavors. This means that there are honey barbecue and buffalo chicken flavors, applewood and maple bacon varieties, and chipotle cracked pepper steak types.

We were actually surprised at the teriyaki turkey jerky, which does not have the dryness that is typically present whenever one eats turkey that’s not prepared on spot. Another fascinating thing about the Chef’s Cut offerings has to be the spot on flavor that the company has created for their buffalo chicken jerky. One can taste the cream and the heat that is typically expected from the buffalo flavor. All in all what Chef’s Cut brings to the table is a new type of jerky that has considerable variation between varieties while still having a savory and salty snap to it that will have individuals coming back for more. Jerky heads can purchase bags directly from Chef’s Cut; the company’s social media profiles are solid sources for the latest in information. Here’s to hoping that we see additional takes on bold flavors by Chef’s Cut. Would love to see a chimichurri or tikka masala flavor in the future.

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