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Lansinoh offers their Smartpump, a double breast pump that utilizes Bluetooth to monitors exactly how much breast milk that a mother is producing, along with additional information about the mother’s vitals. The Lansinoh Baby app (available for Android and Apple phones) is easy to use and install. The connection process between the Smartpump and one’s phone is similarly easy.

There are other modes and methods that one can utilize their Smartpump with to further increase the volume of each pump. The Lansinoh twin breast pump would be a perfect sort of purchase for a baby shower or for any sort of mother or mother-to-be that wishes to have the highest amount of breast-milk possible for their child. Based on our experiences, the first few months of a child’s life are relatively easier in terms of the amount of milk that baby requires than when one’s son or daughter gets to the 6+ month stage. As one’s milk supply tends to plateau, having the average milk expressed per pump at its highest level is essential to ensure that a child gets to the one-plus year mark.

The amount of customization that the SmartPump provides is considerable. One can key in the pump to any one of three distinct pumping styles, allowing one to shift through eight distinct speeds. The device has been engineering in such a fashion that mold / bacterial growth should not be an issue when one cleans the parts on a regular basis. Lansinoh has also kept the motor’s size and noise down, making it pretty easy to throw in its bag and pack around to the doctor’s, store, or any other location where a pump may be needed.

We were a big fan of the data-collection aspect of the Lansinoh app, which was easy enough to export (to lactation specialists or doctors). Gone are the days where an individual has to write down each pump (especially those 8-10 pump nights). More than just containing information about pump volume, duration, and timing, the app allows parents to tick down each dirty diaper a child has.

Lansinoh’s Smartpump is available from a wide variety of online retailers as well as brick-and-mortar locations. The MSRP on the pump is around $200. The Lansinoh Baby app is free to download.

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