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HiFiMAN Edition S headphones

The HiFiMAN Edition S headphones are crafted with the audiophile in mind. While there is a trade-off between quality and price often times what individuals will experience when it comes to a pair of the Edition S headphones is nothing short of amazing. The company has created a pair of headphones that stand up to the other rigors of everyday life without pricing them outside of the reach of the average consumer. We have had the chance to cover a number of headphones that cracked the $500 barrier but we can honestly say that these headphones provide a fidelity and fullness to the sound, no matter what exactly an individual may be utilizing the headphones. This quality is comparable if not in excess of the quality of the most pricey offerings on the market.

This means that each line of dialogue,  audio effects will be only limited by the quality in which it has been recorded. We were similarly happy with how these headphones play back music. By their design headphones most often play music at a quality that is markedly less than a home audio systems can replicate. We had a wide variety of genres picked out to put these headphones through. We spun Killer Mike alongside classic Grateful Dead jams. Dream Theater’s intricacies were compared as were the arpeggios of classical music and each time out the headphones were able to go forth and create something that was similar to what one would experience if they were sitting in front of floor or ceiling-mounted surround sound speakers. The treble was on point, the bass was lush and thick. Everything was given a warm and that that is unheard of when it comes to portable audio.

HiFiMan has created a program in which one can turn in their old headphones and be given some form of store credit for their products so utilize this the next time you need a new pair of headphones. The full listing of information about the company’s products is available on their website along with a store containing all their offerings.

Rating: 9.3/10

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