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If you are someone that has an iPhone, you will probably have many reasons why you love it. For starters, iPhones are pretty straightforward to use. They look good, have brightly colored apps and screens. The functionality of an iPhone is good too, and the technology just keeps getting better and better. Of course, you need to set up an iTunes account when you first use it. Then you will have a way to sync up your phone to your laptop or computer. Then you can access things like your photos and documents on any device. So it is a must if you have an iPad too. It also helps with downloading and playing music, of course! There are a certain few things that you will need for your iPhone though. If you have an iPhone, or are thinking of getting one, read one to see what they are. An iPhone manager is necessary for any iPhone users to easily transfer & sync data.


Gadget Insurance

If you have home insurance, the chances are that it won’t cover something like a cell phone getting damaged. So it is a good idea to get some gadget insurance for your iPhone. It means that if you drop your phone, it goes in water or the screen cracks, you can have it repaired cheaply. Otherwise, you might have to go round with a cracked screen for weeks on end. IPhones are great, but they can be costly to repair without insurance. So if you are a little on the clumsy side, think about getting some gadget insurance.

Phone Case

In order to help protect your phone, it might be a good idea to get a case for it. Then if you are prone to dropping it, the phone is protected a little more. Cases add a bit of individuality and style to the phone too. There are so many different styles of case available these days. So certainly something worth looking into. You could look at somewhere like Then you can see what some of the best cases are. You can also get screen protectors for your phone. Then the chance of the screen getting cracked is reduced somewhat. Screen protectors can be a little on the expensive side. But they can certainly be worth it if you have a history of cracked phone screens.

Use iOS

If you have been using Apple phones for a while, you will know all about iOS. If you have been an Android user, then you might not know as much. If you are moving from an Android phone to Apple, it is a great way to get you started. So make sure that you make use of it. It is the most efficient way to get all of your old data from your previous phone. Then you can have it all on your new phone. Who wants to spend hours on end manually typing in all of your contact’s numbers? There are regular updates for the system, so make sure that you update accordingly.


Email App

Even if you don’t use your phone for work, the chances are that you will need an email app. Depending on your chosen host, you could get something like Outlook, Google Mail, or Spark. Any of these are much better choices than the default email app that will come with your iPhone. Spark allows you to do a lot more customization too. As a result, it is the preferred option for many.

Internet Options

The chances are that you will want to use your phone for accessing the internet. All iPhone’s will come with a Safari app for accessing the internet. Unless you are a diehard Apple fan, then you might prefer a different internet browser. Chrome is a solid choice when it comes to a replacement for Safari. It has things like desktop view, as well as an easy way to store and view your favorite and most visited sites. It can sync to your laptop or desktop computer too. So if you use Chrome for work or even just at home, it can all sync together. If you want to look into it a little more, there are many resources. You could read an article like this one:


Find My iPhone App

The find my iPhone app has been an invaluable addition to iOS. It enables you to locate your phone and track it down. So if it is lost when out and about or stolen, you will be able to locate it. You don’t want to lose your phone, especially if you are not insured to replace it. Plus there are things like photos and videos that can be irreplaceable, if not backed up on the cloud. So even if you are the most organized of people and unlikely to lose it; it is still a good idea to get the app.

Social Media

I think nearly everyone wants to have social media on their iPhone. So getting those apps on your phone is essential. There are the apps for all the popular social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You can even get apps that help you to schedule the tweets or Instagram posts. So that is great if you are a blogger or work in PR or marketing. If you have a Facebook business page or want the messenger on Facebook, you will need to get a few more apps. So if you don’t want three apps just for Facebook, you could access it via the internet browser instead. You can view your messages logged in that way, rather than having to get the app.


Yelp is a fantastic app that nearly everyone will find a use for in their life. It is a great app that can help when you are out and about. It also helps with reviews of things like restaurants. So if you are someone that likes to eat out a lot, it is a must have. You can make reservations using it, as well as check on things like happy hour.

Are there any apps or other essentials that you think any iPhone user needs?

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