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We were invited to try out the Chuck E. Cheese’s location on West Market Street in Akron, Ohio. Previously I had not been in a Chuck E. Cheese’s location for the better part of 20 years so I was a little unsure of what there was to expect from the pizza-cum-arcade location. Upon arriving we put in our order and picked out a booth for our family. I had thought that Chuck E. Cheese’s was a pizza only establishment but the company has a variety of different wings, sandwiches, and other side dishes that it offers as well.

The bright colors and considerable attractions will ensure that individuals are kept interested throughout their visit. The company is incredibly intelligent in the measures that it takes to ensure that kids are kept safe, utilizing a stamp system that links the child to the parent.

As parents to an infant we were quite pleased at the number of attractions at Chuck E. Cheese’s provided in their store. There were a number of little carousels that provided just enough in the way of excitement for even the youngest children.

Our daughter for example was very happy with a teacup style carousel while the restaurant also offered a play space and a number of mechanical and electronic video games for the older children. We had our pizza dropped off in 15 minutes which was very surprising considering that while we were there a birthday party of about 20 or 30 children sat down immediately preceding our arrival.

We were quite pleased at the pizza; it was crispy on the bottom, gooey cheese on the top and had just enough crispness to the pepperoni to keep the mouth feel absolutely popping. As our visit continued we were lucky enough to see one of the Animatronic events occur. We would have like to have the volume up a little louder on the stage show but I understand how distracting that could be.

The number of games is pretty substantial to the Akron, Ohio location meaning that children had about 40 different options to choose. We like the games that allowed children to play the piano for example as well as traditional favorites like miniature basketball and skee-ball. We are also a fan of the one token per game policy that Chuck E. Cheese’s offers. This means that whatever one wants to play a wheel spinning game (which typically costs a number of credits at other stores) or one of the water filling balloons attractions that Chuck E. Cheese’s includes costs only a single token. This means that a family will be able to stay at the restaurant much longer than if a child went to a place with variable pricing on their games. Check out the company’s promotions; we were able to make a day of the 30 Tokens, any Large 1-Topping Pizza and 4 Soft Drinks ($29.99) offer.

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