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Night Marcher (Rivertown)

Night Marcher is Rivertown’s Brett-conditioned pale ale, and is one of the most unique beers that we have covered or even experienced this year. The beer pours with a pale yellow coloration and the head is lacking to the point that it does not seem to exist. The initial flavors that one will kick around their mouth is juicy, tying together orange and pineapple flavors with just a hint of hoppiness. While the beer is pegged at 8% ABV, one will not be able to taste anything in the way of alcoholic sharpness.

This perfectly balanced beer goes down like water. I feel that the alcohol does manifest itself in one key area in Night Marcher, namely keeping the delicate flavor profile of the brew consistent from the initial opening of each 22-ounce bottle until the final sip of the beer. Refreshing enough to be paired with beef or lamb while having complexity in droves, Night Marcher performs admirably in every situation. This Brett element is not mouth puckeringly sweet either, giving this brew just enough in the way of earthiness. There is a bit of a twang but the wild ale creates more of farmhouse notes then it does sour.

Rivertown has hit a home run with this beer and in doing so made a strong case for the creation of a new style. Delicate, strong, a bit bitter and easy drinking Night Marcher is something I sincerely hope Rivertown considers adding to their year-round efforts. Simply delectable.

Make sure to purchase Rivertown’s product offerings at the company’s brewery and through any supermarket or local beer store that makes Rivertown available. Visiting the brewery’s Facebook or Twitter will provide imbibers with the latest in information about the company’s seasonal offerings and events at their brewery.

Rating 9.0 / 10

Night Marcher / Pale Ale / 8.0% ABV / Rivertown Brewery, Lockland, Ohio

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