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Flower Girl - Tuck In Your Tie Dye

Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, Flower Girl lack the pretentiousness that sometimes comes to mind when thinking of bands from that scene. In fact, this unassuming band sounds completely sincere and opposite of any self-consciousness. They have a knack for sounding “sweet” without sounding too “twee.” The syrupy pop hooks would be accessible to elementary-school students (save for a few references to things like like marijuana), yet not so precious to be unappealing to adults.

This lo-fi band, whose vocals are often half-spoken, half-sung (a la Stephen Malkmus) bring a slight countrified feel to their Apples in Stereo/Camper van Beethoven playfulness. Almost every song has its own individual, catchy hook. Strangely enough the title track is devoid of much of anything memorable. No matter, as the rest of the record consists of songs like “Waiting On The Line,” “Let’s Build A Fort” and others which make up for any filler. The feel of the record is that of sunshine emitting from a colorful place. Perhaps Willie Wonka’s chocolate factory. Though too subdued to to be considered “power pop,” the recording still brings forth that quick, under two minute pop feel-goodness.

These guys make no secret that they have young-at heart predilections. Songs about mice in their apartment (Why can’t we be nice to the little guys? – so they ask) and “Breathmint” (anyone for some Kinks?) are typical themes that may be important when you’re not thinking too much. They are to the point, out for a good time and understand that a little sloppiness can add character and charm.

While perhaps some will view Flower Girl’s sound as a novelty, they perform this style better than many who work in a similar vein. Writng  hooky singles can be difficult to achieve with just one or two such songs per record. Flower Girl loads up on them with no apparent problems.

Rating: 8.6/10

Top Tracks: “Wating On The Line.” “Breathmint”

Flower Girl/Tuck In Your Tie-Dye/BUFU Records/12 tracks

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