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Grinder: The Complete First Season (

Grinder was proof that network television channels are capable of creating original, smart comedies; That witty sitcoms were no longer just meant for cable stations. Then again, Grinder was also proof that network channels are also clueless enough to kill a great thing after just one season. Grinder starred Rob Lowe as the impossibly handsome actor who plays a lawyer on TV, moving back to the Midwest where his father (William Devane) and brother (played brilliantly by Fred Savage) worked in their own, real law firm. Goofy premise aside, the show was razor sharp, very self-aware and impressively original for Fox TV. The only predictable thing about the show was the fact that Fox would cancel it after one-season.

Grinder: The Complete First Season / 3 DVDs / 20th Century Fox Television / 2016 / /


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