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SilverSnake Michelle - Her Snakeness

SilverSnake Michelle begins their Her Snakeness with Drops of Time. We have taken a look at the single before, but the re-mastered version that leads off Her Snakeness feels that much more punchy and in-your-face.

Drops of Time sets up the stage for the twists and turns listeners will experience through the entirety of Her Snakeness. The Deep Green has a chunky bass, a passionate set of vocals that simultaneously bring forth hints of 1980s goth, 1990s darkwave, and a more current, contemporary sort of rock to the mix. Diallele brings in just a hint of new age-style keys before dropping out, allowing SilverSnake Michelle to create a tremendously effecting composition in the vein of Tori Amos and Amy Lee.

Backwards (Silversnake, Answer This…) shatters to conception that late-album tracks are less memorable than those at the beginning registers of the album. The darker and slinkier sound brought here showcases a different side to SilverSnake Michelle, while adding further variety to the narrative that had already been crafted up to that point of the album.

Requiem (Slán Leis Na Nathair Airgid) is our favorite track on Her Snakeness. There is a progressive metal sound that plays at the background, eliciting comparisons to Blind Guardian. The taut instrumentation that is de rigeur here will keep listeners on the edges of their seats until the release concludes. The vocals are out of this world; hints of operatic brilliance are scattered among the rock demeanor here. The production of this album allows there to be a confident and sure sound that permeates from the opening strains of the disc until the concluding notes of Madness. Her Snakeness is a solid, engrossing album.

Top Tracks: The Deep Green, Backwards (Silversnake, Answer This…), Requiem (Slán Leis Na Nathair Airgid)

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