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Night Jump Imperial Stout (Aviator Brewing)

It seems like the period beginning from October to February / March is the peak time for imperial stouts. North Carolina’s Aviator Brewing has created their Night Jump, an Imperial Stout that has been aged in Smooth Ambler barrels along with cocoa nibs; each of the flavors experienced with it is bold, brash and dense. The beer pours with a nearly black color and a bit of tannish head. Bits of malts, dark chocolate and whiskey burn can all be discerned from one first sip.

Night Jump hides its alcohol content (13% ABV) perfectly becoming very dangerous when one considers that the product is canned. 13% means that one need only drink two or three cans over the course of a night. The beer shines masterfully as it reaches room temperature with a number of more delicate flavors becoming prominent as time goes on. Night Jump ends up well-balanced through a considerable inclusion of hops. It is this bit of bitterness that livens up the beer and adds additional complexity to the brew; imbibers will find a different collection of flavors each time they take a sip.

This means before one finishes their glass, hints of cinnamon and vanilla are here along with oak and smoke. Coffee, licorice, and whiskey make their entrance as well. Cohesive from beginning to end, Night Jump is larger than life, a stout that is formidable while displaying considerable dexterity.

Aviator’s website is a great place to find information about the brewery’s year-round and seasonal efforts while their social media profiles are good repositories for information concerning new product releases and events.

In short: Night Jump is one of our favorite stouts we have tasted so far this year. Pick it up before the brewery runs out.

Rating: 9.4/10

Night Jump Imperial Stout (Aviator Brewing) / Russian Imperial Stout / 13% ABV / 87 IBU / / /

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