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Colin Onderdonk - Proximity Effect

18 year old Dallas, Texas native Colin Onderdonk’s debut album Proximity Effect has to be the single best album that I have heard in the Christian rock genre this year. His voice is powerful and projects his love for Christ while his talent is something that any fan of music can appreciate. Each song from the album is philosophical and extremely thought provoking.

It is inspiring to see such wisdom and talent coming from a younger artist such as Colin. My favorite song from Colin’s release would have to be Tidal Bomb; in this song Onderdonk shines as his melodic voice allows the listener to feel the passion and commitment in his voice. The bass and acoustic guitar particularly are present in the title track Proximity Effect. The production of the song allows the music to compliment but not overpower Colin’s voice. I really think that fans of Michael W. Smith would enjoy this track. This song is riveting with its deep lyrical content and spiritual message, Colin shows his devotion and talent for song writing clearly in this track.

The album itself is a very strong debut album, Colin’s music defies current musical trends and shows the true soul and faith that shines throughout his music. Another, thing that I would like to mention is the artful composing of each song. For example, Savior’s Hands is timed perfectly to allow the true essence of the track to sink in to the listener. Onderdonk has a great talent that will carry him far, if I were to suggest this artist to fans of the genre I would say devotees of Jeremy Camp or Matt Redman. Make sure to listen to this EP closely, as what Onderdonk does here is special.

Top Tracks: Savior’s Hand, Proximity Effect

Rating: 8.2/10

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