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Nikki Shae - Favorite Hello (Hardest Goodbye)

Nikki Shae’s latest single Favorite Hello (Hardest Goodbye) is a tremendously emotional effort that links together 1990s and 2000s pop, country, and alternative rock into a track that will keep fans listening in from the first note to the cut’s final gasp. It is not a surprise that Shae resides in Nashville; the instrumentation is something that listeners will immediately hear, with a backing instrumentation that is much more thoughtful and deep than many other radio-friendly efforts. Fans of early Taylor Swift and LeAnn Rimes. The bit of instrumental grit that is presented throughout the song adds an additional layer of complexity to an already heady effort.

It is this set of hooks that will get Favorite Hello (Hardest Goodbye) deep into the minds and hearts of listeners. The track is able to be played a number of times due to each member giving it their all; fans will continue to find new things even ten or fifteen times after the first listen.

For additional information about Nikki Shae, check out her main domain and social media profiles. Here’s to hoping we will hear more from this performer as 2017 continues; it is this fresh take on pop music that separates Nikki Shae from the countless other performers that are trying to reach their place in the sun.

Favorite Hello (Hardest Goodbye) is available to purchase on iTunes and Spotify. Other songs from Shae’s repository are available on her Reverbnation profile.

Rating: 8.4/10

Nikki Shae – Favorite Hello (Hardest Goodbye) / 2016 Self Released / 3:18 / / /

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