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If you want to be popular on Instagram, you must upload great photos that people want to see. If your photo is good enough, it will get many likes from people. Most people who have popular Instagram profiles use a photo editor to edit their pictures prior to uploading. You don’t need to invest in an expensive photo editor to get good result for your Instagram photos. A basic photo editor like Movavi Photo Editor will allow you to get access to all the essential tools for retouching your photo to professional standard.


Movavi Photo Editor has an object removal tool that is perfect for use in removing anything that interrupt with the photo quality. For example, if you have some stain on the face when you take the picture, you can use the object removal tool to remove it. The clone stamp tool is provided in case the software fails to accurately regenerate the pixels in the background.


The Object Removal tool only requires you to mark the unwanted details with the red brush tool. If you mistakenly mark the wrong object, you can use the eraser to erase it away. It can erase more than one marked object at a single click of the Start Erasing button. You just have to use the red brush tool to roughly draw an outline along the boundary of the unwanted object that you want to remove.

The Retouching tab offers some tools that you can use to make changes to your portrait. You can add makeup like facial powder and lipstick onto the portrait picture via the Retouching tab. The Background Removal tool is another great tool for spicing up your Instagram photos. Many people did not use the photos they took with their digital cameras because of the ugly background. With the Background Remover, you can remove the dull background behind the subjects and replace it with a more professional background. Get more details at


The background remover tool is easy to use and does not require you to use an eraser tool and spend hours on erasing the background. To get the background removed, you must go to Background Removal and then select the green brush to draw the outlines of all the subjects. Besides marking the main subjects, the unwanted background must also be marked with a red brush tool. For the background, you just simply have to draw a line on both sides of the subjects. The marked background will instantly be erased when you select the step 2 button. Step two is where you can choose a new background picture or set a solid color as the new background.


You can perform basic photo functions like crop, rotate and add text to your Instagram photos in Movavi Photo Editor. It has a photo enhancement tool that allows you to adjust different aspects that influence the coloration in the photo. If you are not skilled in adjusting the coloration slider to get the perfect result, you can click the Magic Enhance button to apply automatic enhancement on your photo. The automatic enhancement tool can slightly improve the photo quality. Under the Adjust tab, you can also improve the photo’s sharpness and make the small details look clearer. The sharpness tool is great for people who have a digital camera that always take blur pictures.


Movavi Photo Editor makes it easy for you to work with multiple photos. You can open multiple photos at one time by dragging all of them into the drag and drop area. The back and previous button allows you to conveniently navigate to the photo that you want to edit. Whenever you want to discard the changes, you simply have to click on the view original button and the original photo will appear. You must always remember to save your work on the Instagram photo by clicking the Export button. Movavi Photo Editor is a fast program and it only takes a few second to save a photo; it is important to use a high-powered photo editor to become a famous influencer.

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